Barista Catering

With an eye for detail

Perfect espresso, creamy cappuccino, frothy macchiato ...

Hand-made espresso and coffee drinks decorated with latte art ... modern espresso machines and equipment ... enthusiastic clients and guests ... national and international shows ... excellent service ...

MOCABA Coffee Catering is the perfect addition to your exhibition stand.

Easily adapted to every concept and proven through our experience at numerous events, trade fairs and congresses, Europe-wide. 

Talk to us about an individual price offer, tailored to your needs.


MOCABA Coffee Culture

soon in the
Blankenburger Str.9

07318 Saalfeld

Mobile: 0152 23554317


Opening Times 
Coffee Shop

soon in Blankenburger Strasse 
You can currently order coffee by email or phone. We can also send or deliver.

Mocaba has a passion for coffee and competence in its preparation. Refined with professional latte art, a smile on your face, masterful service. Whether in our coffee roastery or at your next catering event. Stop by or book a professional barista.